Use These Packing Tricks to Make Your In-Town Relocation Go Smoothly

Whether you are moving your business or your home, it can be stressful to make even a short in-town move when you don’t know where to start. It is important to find ways to make your in-town move go smoothly before you embark on this journey. Here are some simple packing tricks that will help make your in-town relocation go smoothly.

1. Don’t leave empty spaces in your boxes

One of the most ineffective ways to move would be leaving empty space in your boxes. You have to be very creative and innovative when you are packing up your home or your business. Having the right size of boxes can also be very important when you are trying to have the most effective move.

2. Get rid of stuff that you don’t need

While preparing for a move, you may be surprised to learn just how many things you don’t need anymore. A relocation is a great time to start getting rid of things that you don’t use anymore. This will make moving easier, and it will also keep your new home or office from getting cluttered.

3. Load the heaviest items first

It may seem easy to remember to not place your fragile items at the bottom of the heap when you are moving, but it can be an easy thing to forget. Make sure that you are labeling which boxes are fragile. This way, those boxes can be placed on top of the heavier items to avoid damage.

4. Sort your items by category

When you sort your items by category, you will have much easier time unpacking them when you get to your new home or office. It is also very important that you remember to label the boxes after you have separated and packed them. This is especially important for office moves. You want to be able to get back to business as quickly as possible after your relocation. If you know where everything is, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

5. Sell some of your unused items

Selling your unused items will make for a smoother move, declutter your new office or home, and put some money in your pocket. Online sites like eBay can be a great place to sell your items. A garage sale is also a very quick and simple way to get rid of items while making a few extra dollars.

6. Decide whether you need professional movers to help with the move

If you have very large items that are difficult to move, you may need to hire a professional moving team. When you are looking for professional movers, make sure that you do your research before picking a team. You want to make sure that you have chosen the most qualified professionals to help you in this endeavor. Great Guys ( is an excellent place to find licensed and insured movers to assist!

These are just a few of the many packing tips that can help your short distance moving go smoothly. Remember, the less you procrastinate packing for your move, the less stressed you will ultimately be.

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Moving Resources | Birmingham, Montgomery, Atlanta Movers

Moving can be a big hassle. In some cases, if you’re relying on friends and no help shows up on moving day, it can make moving practically impossible. Plus, trying to move a fridge or large furniture on your own is not advisable, especially without the proper equipment. So what are you to do if you need to move but have no help? If you are moving to or from the Montgomery, AL metro area, several moving companies would love to give you a helping hand in your move. Below is a list of moving companies in the surrounding large cities that can lend you a hand for your upcoming move.

  1. Changing Spaces Moving Company, Inc.

Address: 130 Inverness Plaza, #243 Birmingham, AL 35242

Phone: (205) 972-0744

Founded in 2003, Changing Spaces Moving Company is a premier moving company in the Birmingham area, but also in other locations. It offers residential as well as commercial moves. Click here to check out their website.

  1. Reliable Moving & Storage

Address: 1320 50th Street North Birmingham, AL 35212

Phone: 205-591-9199

Reliable Moving & Storage company is a great moving company based out of Birmingham, AL. They have been in business for over 30 years. They do residential and commercial moves, as well as long distance and even international moves. For their website, click here.


  1. Admiral Movers

Address: 1200 Newell Parkway, STE 1 Montgomery, AL 36110

Phone: (334) 262-6666

Admiral Movers is a moving company based out of Montgomery, AL. They have been locally owned since 1989. They provide both residential and commercial moving, as well as storage options for a variety of items. For their website, click here.

  1. C&R Movers, LLC

Address: 2255 South Forbes Dr. Montgomery, AL 36110

Phone: (334) 233-6766

C&R Movers is moving company with several locations, one of which being Montgomery, AL. They provide residential and commercial moving services. They also provide services for both local and long-distance moves, and even moves outside the country. They are also the official movers for the Alabama Veterans hospital. For their website, click here.

  1. Big League Movers

Address: 1327-A Boyd Ave Atlanta, GA 30318

Phone: (888) 677-6553

Big League Movers is based out of Atlanta, GA, and Memphis, TN. They do both local and long distance moves, as well as residential and commercial. Their residential moving services offer a variety of options as well, such as labor only or packing and unpacking. For their website, click here.

  1. Cheap Movers Atlanta

Address: 400 West Peachtree Street, Suite #4-647, Atlanta, GA 30308

Phone: (678) 841-7978

If you’re moving from Atlanta or one of the surrounding suburbs (Decatur, Alpharetta, Marietta), then this is the moving company to call! Cheap Movers Atlanta allows you to quickly get quotes from local, licensed moving companies in one convenient location, making it easier to find cheap, reliable help.

  1. Mark the Mover

Address: 1500 Carroll Drive NW Atlanta, GA 30318

Phone: (404) 351-0018

Mark the Mover is a locally owned and operated moving company based out of Atlanta, GA. It has been in operation for over 30 years. They typically work within the area, but can also operate across the country. They also provide residential and commercial moving services. For their website, click here.

Hopefully, the list above has helped you find a moving company that you can trust. Remember, moving can be a hassle, and there is no need to make it harder than it already is. If you are moving to or from the Montgomery, AL metro area and want professional help doing so, consider giving one of these companies a call today.

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Apartment Moving Company on How to Efficiently Unpack After Your Move

There’s nothing more exhausting and time-consuming than unpacking after you move. However, you don’t have to do it all at once. In the guide below, we will be going over the best ways to unpack as efficiently as possible, and which rooms you should start with first. No one enjoys spending their first night at their new apartment on the floor, but unpacking your apartment slowly, room by room will help avoid overbearing yourself or unnecessary broken belongings.

1. Unpack Room by Room

After your movers are done unloading your boxes from the moving truck, make sure that all your boxes are placed in the rooms they need to be in. This can help your move go more efficiently and reduce your need to jumble around your rooms to just unpack one box. Imperial Movers (, a prominent moving company in NYC, says labeling is key to getting all your boxes in the right rooms the first go around. If you label, the movers will know exactly where to take things the first time, which avoids a lot of shuffling or reorganizing.

2. Start With the Essentials

You don’t have to unpack everything all at once. Prepare to have one box with all your essentials, so on your first day in your new apartment, you can relax while having all your essentials on hand. This box can include anything from spare clothes and toiletry to pillows and blankets.

3. Kitchen

Unpack your kitchen boxes as quickly as possible. The first thing you should do is hook up your fridge and appliances in case you need to make food. Then, start unpacking your glassware, utensils, and other dishes over the next few days, since you won’t need these items immediately.

4. Bathroom

Before you start unpacking your bathroom, make sure it’s clean first. Then, you can start unpacking your toiletry, towels, toothpaste, etc. After all, a full day of unpacking deserves a warm, refreshing bath or shower afterward.

5. Bedroom

Since your bed can take a long time to assemble, you might be spending a night or two on your floor. However, if you hire a local mover, most include bed disassembly and reassembly in the hourly cost of moving. Be sure to ask your moving company if they can help with this aspect of the move! If they don’t get to making your bed, at least unpack your mattress, blankets, and pillows first to get a good night’s sleep for more unpacking the next day.

After you assemble your furniture, you should start unpacking your clothes boxes, and later, your decorations.


6. Living Room

During the first few days, you should simply set up the basics. This should include your couch, coffee table, and television. Other furniture, shelving, and decorations can wait until later a later date.

7. Outdoor Equipment

If you are moving into an apartment, you may not have any outdoor equipment. However, if you do, it should be the last things you unpack. This includes things like lawn mowers, shovels, hoses, and more.

8. Don’t Procrastinate

Though there is no need to rush through unpacking, it shouldn’t take months for you to remove the boxes from your new place. Try to do a little bit every day and, eventually, the job will be done.

9. Try New Things

Don’t try to decorate your new apartment exactly how your last one was decorated. Instead, try new things. Pick out new colors, rearrange furniture, and add a bit of personality. By doing so, you can make your new apartment into a home.

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Real Estate Guide – Best Neighborhoods in Millbrook-Prattville-Montgomery

Prattville Prattville is found in Elmore and Autauga counties in the state of Alabama. Located just outside the state capital of Montgomery, the city is known as the Fountain City due to the availability of many artesian wells that supply fresh groundwater. Home to just over 35,000 people, this town was originally settled by Daniel Pratt who ran a successful cotton gin on Autauga Creek. Education Prattville serves as an educational center, with eight institutions that offer local students a world class learning experience. The town is served by the Autauga County School System, a network of 13 elementary, intermediate, middle, high, and K-12 schools. Some of the most popular… Read More

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